The European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) is an association of 23 European research institutions (institutes and universities) in the field of climate research. 

There are three levels of membership: Partners, Participants, and Associates.

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Below is a list of all ECRA members along with a description of their key expertise in climate research and their involvement in ECRA's four Collaborative Programmes (CPs).


Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres in the field Earth and Environment

(AWI, FZJ, GEOMAR, UFZ, GFZ, HZG, Helmholtz München, KIT)

One of the six research fields of the Helmholtz Association is Earth and Environment. Eight Helmholtz research centres focus on atmosphere and climate as well as marine, coastal and polar systems and contribute their expertise to each of ECRA’s Collaborative Programmes.

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Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA)

ENEA consists of nine research centres and five laboratories active within seven sectors, including Climate and Environment. With its climate research activities focusing on Observations and Analyses of Earth and Climate as well as Climate Modelling and Impacts, ENEA contributes to all four ECRA Collaborative Programmes.

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Finnish Meteorological Institute

Finnish Meteorological Institute

FMI provides weather and safety services and conducts research in meteorology, air quality, climate change, earth observation, and marine and Arctic areas. With this expertise, FMI is active in ECRA’s CPs Arctic Climate Stability and Change as well as High Impact Events.

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Met RGB Horisontal Engelsk

Norwegian Meteorological Institute

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is responsible for weather and climate services to ensure public safety along with conducting climate research, with a focus on the High North. It is active in ECRA’s CP High Impact Events and Climate Change and Changes in the Hydrological Cycle.

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Research Centre for Energy, Environment and  Technology of Spain

Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology of Spain (CIEMAT)

CIEMAT is a research body focussing on energy and environment and the related technologies. Its research, development and innovation activities aim at contributing to sustainable development. CIEMAT is active in ECRA’s CP Changes in the Hydrological Cycle.

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Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark

DTU is an education and research facility in technical and natural sciences. The focus of its climate research activities includes impacts, adaptation and mitigation as well as polar regions. DTU is active in all four ECRA CPs.

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National Centre for Atmospheric Science

National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences

The National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) is a world leader in atmospheric science. NCAS increases knowledge of key environmental issues including: climate change, weather processes and atmospheric composition including air quality. NCAS uses state-of-the-art technologies for observing and modelling the atmosphere and its research is used by policy makers and the wider UK science base.

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Global change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CzechGlobe)

CzechGlobe is a public research institution, European center of excellence investigating the ongoing global change and its impact on the atmosphere, biosphere and human society through the use of the latest techniques and instrumentation. The research focuses primarily on the development of climate and its future scenarios, on the carbon cycle and the effects of changing conditions on the production and biodiversity of ecosystems and on the impacts on the future development and behavior of our society.

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AREA Science Park





National Research Council of Italy

National Research Council of Italy





TU Delft
TU Delft Climate Institute




LMU Munich
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Department of Geography





dmi eng
Danish Meteorological Institute








Bolin Centre

Bolin Centre for Climate Research




University of Bologna






Institute of Environmental Assessment
and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC)




BCCRlogo square

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR)






nersc blue 83 39 12 2 Nansensenteret new sm

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC)





CICERO2017 02 20 1158

Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO)




BSC blue small

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)



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