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The European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA) is an association of 23 leading European research institutions. ECRA’s objective is to bring together, expand and optimise expertise in climate research through a bottom-up approach. The initiative is a platform for joint research planning by sharing existing national research capacities and infrastructures. ECRA acts as a unified voice for climate research in Europe.

Background and Tasks of ECRA


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Collaborative Programmes

ECRA's core activities are represented in four Collaborative Programmes.

Arctic Image: André Künzelmann, UFZ Image: UFZ Image: André Künzelmann, UFZ
CP Arctic [ARC] CP High Impact Events [HIE] CP Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts [SLC] CP Changes in the Hydrological Cycle [CHC]
Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops




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Organisational Chart of ECRA:

Organisational chart of ECRA




ECRA Factsheets, White Papers, and Strategy & Work Plans of its four Collaborative Programmes. Read more »

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