The International Conference on Regional Climate (ICRC)-CORDEX 2016

17-20 May 2016 Stockholm, Sweden

The International Conference on Regional Climate (ICRC)-CORDEX 2016 brought together producers and users of regional climate information. It focused on high resolution climate information and its applications to the vulnerability, impacts and adaptation community. See also the Conference report.

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ECRA Side Event: Extreme events in a changing climate - Challenges and perspectives in hydro-meteorological modelling

18 May 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome note: Karin Lochte (Director AWI/Germany, ECRA Chair)
Panel: Peter Braesicke (KIT, ECRA Cochair Collaborative Programme High Impact Events), Filippo Giorgi (CORDEX SAT, WCRP), Erik Kjellström (SMHI), Daniela Jacob(GERICS/German Climate Service Center),
Moderation: Ralf Döscher (SMHI)

Invited guests from the climate modelling community shared their experiences with the CORDEX project, climate services and possible applications. The discussion focussed on the needs for better understanding and bridging the temporal and spatial scale gaps between climate system modelling, high resolution hydrological modelling and impact assessments.

The panel concluded that:

  • A better understanding of future risks of extreme events needs the involvement of the stakeholders and data users. This is linked to an efficient and appropriate communication of modelling results which might contribute to improved use of valuable data. Accordingly, a seamless transfer of climate relevant information is a big challenge for climate services.
  • Extreme events in a changing climate are still keenly discussed: which return period do we expect or what is the effective water exchange between soil and atmosphere? Bridging the gap between scientific results and users will need more and iterated communication.
  • For better representation of extremes, scientific efforts are needed to take on higher model resolution.
  • The research community deals with multiple scientific questions, e.g. data quality related to the use of models and uncertainties. Different model outputs may also affect the communication to data users. The Climate science community emphasizes the importance of spatial but also temporal scale of extreme events.

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