ECRA/BCCR Workshop on Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts

June 21-22, 2016


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Day 1: State of the art sea level projections and the impact on society (open without registration)

14:00–14:15: Registration (incl. coffee, and a bite to eat (for registered workshop participants)

14:15–16:40: Keynote session (Chair: Gianmaria Sannino)
14:15–14:30: J. Even Ø. Nilsen, Welcome, workshop goals and ECRA SLC strategy.
14:30–15:00: Matthias Mengel, Future global sea level rise constrained by observations and long-term commitment.
15:00–15:30: Aimée Slangen, Regional sea level projections using climate models.


15:40–16:10: Svetlana Jevrejeva, Upper limit for sea level projections for the European coast
16:10–16:40: Jochen Hinkel, Sea level rise information for coastal risk management

Longer break for mingling

17:10–18:00 - Debate : How to improve sea level projections for the European coasts?
(Moderator: J. Even Ø. Nilsen)
Panel: Jochen Hinkel, Svetlana Jevrejeva, Matthias Mengel, Aimée Slangen.

19:30: Conference dinner at Hotel Neptun

Day 2: Sea level science, co-design, and networks

Session 1 (Part I): Sea level research (Chair: J. Even Ø. Nilsen)
09:00 Matthew Simpson: The Norwegian sea level report
09:17 Keven Roy: Development of the next generation of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) models
09:34 Fabrizio Antonioli: Relative sea level change along the Italian coast during the late Holocene and projections for 2100: Coastal plain impacts based on highresolution DTMs and geodetic data
09:51 François Counillon: Investigating the potential of SST assimilation for ocean state estimation and climate prediction

Posters (Sea Level Research) and coffee
Mohammad H. Bordbar (Poster 1): The relative importance of internal climate variability and anthropogenic forcing in tropical Pacific sea level changes
Aslak Grinsted (Poster 2): Quantifying the tail risk of regional sea level rise in Northern Europe
Torben Schmidt (Poster 3): Debunking the lunar nodal tide in sea level data from the Northwest European shelf

Session 1 (Part II): Sea level research (Chair: Gianmaria Sannino)
11:00 Thomas Friederikse: Explaining trends and variability along the Northwestern European shelf
11:17 Dewi LeBars: Drivers of the seasonal cycle of sea level on the western European coasts

Session 2: Extremes, impacts, adaptation, and advising (Chair: Gianmaria Sannino)
11:34 Sönke Dangendorf: The exceptional influence of the storm “Xaver” on design water levels in the German Bight
11:51 Thomas Wahl: Improved representation of storm surges for European scale flood impact assessments

12:10–13:00 Lunch

13:00 Carlo Sass Sørensen: Integrated impact assessment in coastal climate adaptation
13:17 Helén Andersson: Preparation of a national guidance in Sweden on climate adaptation due to rising sea level and flooding risks.
13:34 Cathrine Andersen: Sea level rise and storm surge - research meeting practical use of results

14:00–14:15 Coffee break

Session 3: Discussion - Cross-disciplinary research, co-designed projects, and societal
aspects (Moderator: Tina Swierczynski)
14:15 Håvard Haarstad: Opening lecture on cross-disciplinary research, co-designed projects, and societal aspects
14:33 Jochen Hinkel: Experiences with inter- and trans-disciplinary work on climate change adaptation
14:50 Open discussion on how we, the sea level community, can improve our crossdisciplinary efforts, and any initatives we can start right now. Contributions from ECRA, Future Earth, JPI-Climate, and Global  Climate Forum
15:45 J. Even Ø. Nilsen: Concluding remarks.

End of workshop: 16:00

(Note: photo shows not complete group of participants)

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