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Workshops of the Collaborative Programmes

ECRA member institutions host regular Collaborative Programmes (CP) workshops (1-2 per year). The workshops are coordinated by two chairs of the CP and are supported by the ECRA secretariat. ECRA Workshops serve as platforms for climate scientists to share knowledge and to define the critical future research needs. Workshops are open to all scientists, including those working at ECRA’s member institutions, non-ECRA member institutions, as well as all who may be interested. ECRA workshops are always free of charge and consist of comprehensive science sessions; include presentations of case studies, climate initiatives, and discussions CP strategy, etc. There are typically 20-30 participants.

Each of the Collaborative Programmes (CP) organises workshops on a regular basis.
For further information on the workshop topics, programmes and documentation, see the links below.


Arctic Image: André Künzelmann, UFZ Image: UFZ Image: André Künzelmann, UFZ
CP Arctic [ARC] Workshops CP High Impact Events [HIE] Workshops CP Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts [SLC] Workshops CP Changes in the Hydrological Cycle [CHC] Workshops



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