You are interested in becoming an ECRA member?

ECRA shapes emerging research topics through an efficient network of European research organisations and provides a knowledge base for future mitigation and adaptation measures.

Who can become ECRA Member?

  • European research institutions can become officially an ECRA Member (Partner, Participant, or Associate)
  • Scientists working in climate related fields, who are once active in ECRA can become ECRA fellows. Collaboration in ECRA best works for scientists whose research institution is already officially involved in ECRA and ECRA member.

Why become an ECRA Member?

ECRA Members

  • collaborate in joint workshops

  • participate in joint actions (e.g. training, education for young scientists, and outreach


  • are presented at external conferences, workshop with ECRA umbrella

  • receive early information via newsletters (working programmes, upcoming calls)

  • appear in the list of ECRA network

  • will be presented on the ECRA website (Member portfolio)

ECRA scientists

  • participate in ECRA Collaborative Programmes

  • receive our newsletter "Science Briefs" with climate related news:

    • Internal ECRA network (upcoming ECRA Workshops, event, side events, publications)

    • Brussels and European Parliament (Press releases, conferences, publications)

    • European Commission ( e.g. upcoming calls)

    • JPI Climate, Belmont Forum and other climate related initiatives (collaboration with ECRA, upcoming calls etc.)

    • Scientific publications with relevant topics from the Collaborative Programmes (Nature, Science etc.)

How to become ECRA Member?

It is easy to become an ECRA fellow. Collaboration begins with participation in ECRA Workshops, which are open to all climate scientists. Each year several ECRA Workshops on four topics will be organised: (1) Arctic Change, (2) High Impact events and Change, (3) Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts, (4) Hydrological Cycle and Change. The ECRA membership is first step to become involved in the ECRA network.

In case you are a scientist of an ECRA Member institution (see list with ECRA network):

  • Subscribe to newsletter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • Participate in an ECRA Workshop and collaborate on further activities (contributing to strategy and implementation plan of CP's by setting research priorities, forming consortia, training activities e.g. COST action)

  • Contact your representative in ECRA (ExCom partner list) to officially get involved in ECRA, and request involvement in ECRA by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In case you are a scientist of a Non-ECRA member institution:

  • Follow news on the ECRA webpage for further activities (

  • Participate in an ECRA Workshop to get informed about ECRA and CP activities and get the newsletters

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request more information on official ECRA Membership. The membership process is supervised by the ECRA secretariat.

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