Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) is an agency under the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, based in Norrköping. It is tasked with providing weather forecasts and warnings, professional services, research and development as well as observations and data analysis. The agency has approximately 600 employees and an annual budget of SEK 700 million (around €73.5 million) (2015).

SMHI conducts applied research in the fields of hydrology, oceanography, air quality, atmospheric remote sensing, meteorology, and climate.

Climate research is conducted at the Rossby Centre, SMHI’s climate modelling research unit. It studies the processes and the behaviour of the climate system and develops global and regional climate models.

In 2014, SMHI was selected as host institute for the International Project Office for CORDEX (IPOC), the Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Furthermore, SMHI runs the Swedish National Knowledge Centre for Climate Change Adaptation whose role is to provide information for those involved or interested in climate change adaptation and bring together science, policy and practice.

Collaborative Programmes

SMHI is active in the following ECRA Collaborative Programmes:

  • Arctic Climate Stability and Change

  • High impact events and climate change

  • Changes in the hydrological cycle

  • Sea level change and coastal impacts


The Rossby Centre is a part of Swedish, EU and other international projects, such as three of the last projects to be funded under FP7 and the Horizon 2020 projects CRESCENDO (Coordinated research in Earth Systems and climate: experiments, knowledge, dissemination and outreach). A list of other national and international projects can be found here.


Observation stations on land
Operational reception and processing of meteorological satellite data
Weather radar network
Hydrological measurement operation
Tide gauge stations and buoys
Supercomputer Linux cluster, operated by the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)
at Linköping University


Ralf Döscher
Rossby Centre Scientific Coordinator
SMHI, Rossby Centre
SE-601 76 Norrköping

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