ECRA supports the activities of Antarctica 2020

ECRA wants to express its support for an initiative called 'Antarctic 2020'.

"Antarctica2020 is a group of influencers from the world of sport, politics, business, media and science, that are building support for the protection of more than 7 million km2 of the Southern Ocean by 2020, through the establishment of a network of large-scale marine protected areas in the region."

As they discribe on their website: "Antarctica contains about 90% of the world’s ice and around 70% of the planet’s fresh water; both are vulnerable to warming air and waters. Antarctic sea ice is melting faster than ever (tripling in the past 5 years) as a result of global warming.

Changes in sea-ice coverage are affecting the marine ecosystem in profound ways, including the dramatic decline of Antarctic krill, a keystone species in the Antarctic food web. In addition to the impacts of climate change, increased pressure from industrial fishing are adding environmental pressures, making it harder for predators to find food.

The latest science is telling us that to regenerate Ocean life and build the resilience of its ecosystems and species to climate change we need to create marine protected areas covering at least 30% of the Ocean by 2030.

We need to act fast to realise a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) around the continent by 2020 to protect this unique, and important place."

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