Modelling for climate services: Enhancing current knowledge on high impact events and closing key gaps in the underlying science is required to fully realize the European Agenda for climate services. Establishing strong links to potential users of high impact events research are essential. Ensuring the usability of the most up-to-date scientific results will increase the quality and effectiveness of decision-making on e.g. adaptation measures.


Research tasks include:

Characterization of vulnerabilities: Better information produced by improved predictions requires better blending with information regarding exposure and vulnerabilities. This will help to create a resilient response to anticipated risks, taking into account the dynamics of socio-economic activities. Not every extreme event might become a high impact event.

Better quantification of impacts and vulnerabilities associated with extreme climate events can be achieved by linking large and regional scale simulations to physical and economic impact models, recognizing the inherent uncertainties in long-term projections.

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