ECRA Climateurope Festival 2017 Poster05-07.04.2017, Valencia, Spain

Climateurope is an initiative that aims to support knowledge exchange for adaptation and mitigation informed by science. The first Climateurope Festival explored challenges and opportunities of climate services with a thematic focus on water sector, natural reserve, and agriculture and food security. Researchers, suppliers, users and funders from across Europe were invited.

ECRA prepared a poster presenting its contribution to climate services and the associated challenges. In line with the Festival's thematic focus, the poster emphasizes the activities of ECRA's Collaborative Programmes Changes in the Hydrological Cycle and High Impact Events and Climate Change.

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Poster session outside on 6 April

Climateurope Festival 2017

ECRA CORDEX2016 Flyer18.05.2016, Stockholm, Sweden

The International Conference on Regional Climate (ICRC)-CORDEX 2016 focused on high resolution climate information and its applications to the vulnerability, impacts and adaptation community.

At the ECRA Side Event "Extreme events in a changing climate - Challenges and perspectives in hydro-meteorological modelling", invited guests from the climate modelling community shared their experiences with the CORDEX project, climate services and possible applications. The discussion focussed on the needs for better understanding and bridging the temporal and spatial scale gaps between climate system modelling, high resolution hydrological modelling and impact assessments.

The panel concluded that:

- A better understanding of future risks of extreme events needs the involvement of the stakeholders and data users.

- For better representation of extremes, scientific efforts are needed to take on higher model resolution.

For more information on ICRC-CORDEX 2016, please visit the site

 ECRA Townhall MeetingAt the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, ECRA had a session on "Shaping future climate research in Europe".

The meeting had a keynote speech by Dr. Andrea Tilche, Acting Director, Environment Directorate, DG Research & Innovation, followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Paolo Ruti, ENEA, Vice-Chair European Climate Research Alliance; Prof. Dr. Valerio Lucarini, University of Hamburg /ERC Advanced Grant Holder; Dr. Sylvie Joussaume, CNRS, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace, FR and Dr. Peter Braesicke, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, UK.

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05.11.2013, Brussels

During the International Conference on Regional Climate CORDEX in Brussels, ECRA hosted a special session entitled "When models (don't) meet observations - Scale challenges in high resolution climate modelling".

The session consisted of keynotes by Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, DMI ("How bad can it be: Dealing with imperfect models") and Thomas Jung, AWI ("Challenges and prospects of high-resolution climate modelling"), followed by a panel discussion.

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