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Global and Regional Sea Level Variability and Change

June 10-12, 2015, Mallorca, Spain

This 2.5 day workshop aimed at evaluating the current state-of-knowledge of the sea level science, providing a forum for the discussion and the exchange of ideas on key sea level issues, and fostering collaboration across the wide range of disciplines involved in sea level research.

The workshop was dedicated to these topics: Paleo Sea Level, Vertical Land Movements, Mean Sea Level Observations and Processes, Modelling Sea Level Changes, Sea Level Extremes, Coastal Impacts of Sea Level Changes, Special session on Mediterranean Sea Level.

(More information:

An ECRA meeting “CP Sea Level Change”, ahead of the Workshop took place on 9 June (15:30 - 18:00, Sa Riera Building, Palma) to develop future ECRA activities for the Collaborative Programme Sea Level Change.

ECRA and the Workshop organizing institution awarded five students with travel and Workshop grants (see abstracts):

Leonor Mendoza (TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany): Cyclone Xaver seen by Geodetic Observations

Marcello Passaro (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK): Annual sea level variability of the coastal ocean: the Baltic Sea-North Sea transition zone

Guillaume Sérazin (CNRS-CERFACS, Toulouse, France): Imprints of oceanic intrinsic variability on altimetric measurements: an OGCM study

Hilkka Pellikka (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland): A probability-based method to estimate sea level rise and future flooding risks on the Finnish coast

Christopher G. Piecuch (Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., Lexington, USA): The Annual Global-Mean Thermosteric Height Budget

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