Dr Len Shaffrey:

The ability of the CMIP5 climate models to represent North Atlantic extratropical cyclones has been evaluated (Zappa et al. 2013a) and the response of the North Atlantic extratropical cyclones to climate change assessed (Zappa et al. 2013b) An application has been submitted for funding for Maria Tous from the Universitat de les Illes Balears to visit the University of Reading in Spring 2013. Maria will investigate the ability of a high-resolution climate model (the N512 HadGEM3-A experiments being performed as part of the UPSCALE project) to represent the environments favourable for medicane storm development.

Zappa. G., Shaffrey, L.C., Harvey, B.H. And Hodges K.I. 2013a: North Atlantic Cyclones and Model Biases in the CMIP5 models. Submitted to J. Clim.

Zappa. G., Shaffrey, L.C., Sansom, P., Stephenson, D. And Hodges K.I., 2013b : The response of North Atlantic cyclones to climate change in CMIP5 models. Submitted to J. Clim.

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