Membership of the ECRA will in principle be open to all research organisations that can contribute substantially to achieving its objectives. There are three levels of membership: Partners, Participants and Associates. All three levels are ECRA members. The ECRA will evolve over time as experience is gained in the implementation of Collaborative Programmes (CPs). The Collaborative Programmes are the core activities of ECRA.




The ECRA Partners are the core members of ECRA. They are public research institutes and institutions that bring substantial research capacity and own resources to a Collaborative Programme of research in a particular field. The ECRA Partners form the Executive Committee (ExCom) which guides ECRA development.
ECRA Participants contribute to a specific Collaborative Programme and have the collected responsibility to ensure the overall good functioning of the CP. Members which do not have such high commitment to the Collaborative Programme can become associate participants in collaboration with a Participant.

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