ECRA 2nd Joint Collaborative Programme Workshop on

Changes in the Hydrological Cycle and High Impact Events and Climate Change

9 March 2017 | Brussels, Belgium (Helmholtz Association Office)


The workshop was targeting two goals:

  1. Share and discuss recent achievements and challenges in science related to hydrometeorological modelling, extreme events and hydrology

  2. Develop a proposal for a dedicated COST Action on the dynamics and impacts of hydrometeorological extreme events under future climate change.

In addition, ideas on related research priorities were collected to be further specified and elaborated to be included in the upcoming “White Paper” of ECRA’s Collaborative Program “Changes in the Hydrological Cycle (CHC)”.

26 scientists (from 19 research institutions in 13 countries) participated in this interdisciplinary workshop, covering the fields of climate science and (eco)hydrology, but also many colleagues with a social sciences background or extensive knowledge in socio-economics, adding particular momentum to the inspiring discussions.


The Workshop started with a short introduction about ECRA and the ECRA CPs background as well as an introduction to the fundamentals of the COST Action programme. This was followed by three scientific impulse presentations, successfully stimulating and framing for the following discussions. Jost von Hardenberg (CNR-ISAC, IT) presented model uncertainty aspects in his talk „From high-resolution global climate modelling to precipitation downscaling“, and emphasized the need for intercomparison projects to better understand model differences. Karsten Schulz (BOKU Vienna, AUT) talked about „Challenges in assessing the hydrology of extreme events under climate change conditions“, demonstrating the limits of current practices to trend estimation in extreme event hydrology. Marco Hoogvliet (DELTARES, NE) talked about „Optimization of the climate adaptation process“ and emphasized the user perspective.


ECRA COST Action workshop 9 March 2017 Brussels Final AgendaECRA Joint Workshop CHC HIE Photo

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